Sky: Not really, I just wanted to say welcome to the island and I wanted to give this *Sky reveals a chocolate cupcake with a red frosting swirl and a lit red candle* I didn't know what flavor you liked so I guessed ^w^

thank you…. 

*He blinks a bit, and looks himself over, checking for burns.* "Wow... That was not what I expected... I was thinking like, I don't know, but it wasn't that." *He rubs his eyes a little, and blinks.* "Yeah, I can see why the last poor sap had some heart failure goin on! That was nuts!"

well you’re a  magi now  in the  magi world you’d be  considered a magician ,  you’ll be able to read things you normally couldn’t  before use magic artifacts etc  it’s up to you to further your own capabilities. ^w^  now if you’ll excuse me i need a  tylenol 

*His shout was buried in the roar of the flames. His arms cross in front of his face, and he flinches back, preparing for the sudden onslaught.*

- the flames burned   but only for a  moment   devon would find  the flames seeping into his skin before  wendell stopped   the candles died out  the lights  clicking on and  the large  beast  vanished with the   candles going out wendell appearing as he  normally did  closing a his book*

There. All done. 

Sky: *Knocks on Dota's room door* Dooota~ You there?


- *the red glow  chu shyly   cracks his door to see who it was looking down at the small goodra*  can i help you? 

*His green eyes widen for a moment, but he grins and laughs.* "Oh I so knew that was you!" *Devon waves his laughter off, and adopts a bit more serious manner. His feet come together, and he clasps his hands behind his back. He does his best not to flinch as he looks up at the beast.*

*he  leans down erupting  green flames on the lucario -

Quip: *hugs.* You know I gotta push your buttons sometimes. It's one of many ways I show my affection. :3

yeah \3 *pinches*

*He steps in, and pauses for a moment at the odd sight. He shrugs, it should have been expected, and closes the door behind him.* "Okay, love what you've done with the place." *The Cario teases and chuckles, stepping forward, careful to avoid the candles. Nervously, he toys with his braided aura sensors.*

the room seemed to distort twisting and warping * the pikachu was  enveloped a  black mist increasing in size the  shadowy  beast turning around slowly looking  down  at the lucario 


Quip: In that case... any chance I can be sorted into Slytherin? :D

\3 keep it up and i’ll turn you into a  portrait \3 

*He blows his nose, and stuffs the handkerchief into his bag. Leaning against the wall, Devon mutters something about just wanting Carmen and Manuel to be happy. He waits patiently, head cocked at some of the odd sounds.*

mhh alright devon come on in